The alchemist: How do IT leaders concoct better teams?

Today’s CIOs increasingly have to be many things to many people. They have to be the purveyor of IT, an enabler of employee productivity and collaboration and facilitators of good customer experience. They may also have a role within the development of new products and services, how the organization hires staff as well as how it hits green and sustainability goals.

Given all of this, the CIO’s IT team is becoming more important and more ingrained within the business. So how do CIOs perfect the mix, to create better team harmony and performance, to hire and retain the best talent, and to strike a balance between productivity, efficiency and employee wellbeing?

In this video interview, Boots UK & Ireland CIO Rich Corbridge discusses how his own team has changed over the last 12 months, how he’s rethinking talent attraction and retention and why he’s now prioritizing diversity and inclusion.